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Many Years of Quality Website Services


Looking for a reliable and honest Charlotte, NC website design firm to work with? We wouldn’t expect you to just take our word that we do great work. We encourage you to check out what some of our clients have said about Cole WebMarketing over the years.

HSS - Cole WebMarketing created my website for my new business. He was professional, thorough and got my website up and running quicker than I thought possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a new website or to update their existing website. Thank you Brian for all your help!

K. Gay

TMC - “Just a short note to thank you and your company Cole WebMarketing for the great job you have done with our web site. We very much appreciate your over and above service attitude and quick response time to requests. Our website is now a major revenue stream and has made a significant difference to our bottom line. We have enjoyed doing business with such a creative and professional, yet personal company. If business relies on being found on the web and you want results like ours, we would strongly recommend the economical services of Cole WebMarketing. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

C. Nicholls
Operations Manager

JAN 2009 Add-On: We track part of our Website ROI (quote requests coming from website). 2007 & 2008 data shows our "overhauled" website has directly generated (online quote request forms) over $160,000 in revenue … not a bad return on a $3,500 investment, wouldn’t you agree?

DSC – website owner writes: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Cole Webmarketing an easy 12! I had a great experience with them designing a new website for my business. I called CWM and spoke with Brian and he scheduled a meeting with me and came out to personally visit my dance school.

After talking with him, I felt VERY confident with his knowledge of web design! Not only does Brian have a great artistic eye, but he is also very well educated in sales methods - an absolutely necessary combination to have in web design! Brian was extremely open to all my ideas! Reviewing the site as it was being created was actually lots of fun! One thing I noticed during the process was their overall professionalism. I called Brian many times with ideas, questions, and site reviews and he answered the phone EVERY time I called.

My site has now been up for a few weeks and I've gotten tons of compliments on it! I'm no longer embarrassed when new customers say they first heard about us from our website. It looks amazing and I couldn't be happier with it! In addition, my business now comes up first or second in Google every time! I'm ahead of all of my competitors! If you're searching for a good web designer, look no further than CWM - they're true professionals!” (T. Mineri)

SIP — Explosion in Web Site Traffic‎‎ -- Cole WebMarketing has done wonders for my web traffic and has helped develop a new income stream for my business as a result of a website redesign they performed for us. Not only is Cole WebMarketing creative (I get numerous compliments on the design of our site) but they have the technical expertise and knowledge of how search engines work to design the site to maximize traffic drawn to it. I strongly recommend Cole WebMarketing to any company who is looking to leverage their return on investment in web design and hosting services. (R. Butler)

CPS — Excellent customer service and design‎‎ -- Brian, I am very pleased with the website and how quickly you put this together. I know you had a good base to work with, but you have designed exactly what we were looking for in a website. The price was perfect for the size of our business. I know when customers look at our website now, they will find the services we provide at Carolina Precision Switchgear without any difficulty. (D. Weaver)

EE — Increased Web Traffic, New Customers and...‎‎
Brian Cole's redesign of our website a few years ago brought us more traffic, more new customers and increased our profits by over 30% in a national market with hundreds of keywords. He helped take our business to the next level. He knows SEO, web navigation, design and usability. He knows what works and what doesn't work in web design and web marketing - a pretty site does nothing for your ROI if it isn't found by Google! His pricing is affordable and he really knows B2B small industrial business. We are impressed with Brian's honesty and dependability. He understands our customers and cares about our success. We have hired him to do all of our website maintenance. (D.Chew)

SPMS —Great service!‎‎ We have been very impressed with Cole WebMarketing's innovative ideas about how to increase traffic flow to our school's website! This company has also given us many suggestions about how to perk up our web pages by including creative marketing techniques. Also, they have given us many ideas about how to make our material interesting to the reader! The service by the webmaster is extremely efficient!‎ (Dr. M)

TSGI’m ecstatic! — I run a Direct Hire Search firm here in Charlotte and we had what we thought was a functional website. However, after talking to people and hearing what a “good website” can do we figured that we needed to upgrade our existing site. After my initial meeting with Brian I was very excited about the possibility of what he and his firm could do to help my company out. Brian preached to me the importance of “search engine optimization” and how he and his company could create a website that would incorporate that.

Well, after their work was completed I have to say that I’m not only pleased with our new site, I’m ecstatic! Our new site not only looks great and is easy to navigate. We now rank very high in Google and Yahoo searches.

As I said, Cole WebMarketing not only delivered, they far exceeded even my lofty expectations for the site. I would easily recommend them to anyone who is building or redesigning their site. (J. Baldassarre)

Cole WebMarketing NOTE: Within ONE Week After Launch of New Website

  • #6 out of 144,000 on Google for -- accounting recruiter charlotte
  • #15 out of 163,000 on Google for -- financial recruiter charlotte
  • #1 out of 878,000 on Yahoo! for -- accounting recruiter charlotte
  • #1 out of 1.1 million on Yahoo! for -- financial recruiter charlotte

TAQH - partners involved in the construction project write:

After our conversation the other day, I went on to your website and was extremely impressed. The information is great, and the tabs with floor plans, etc. and frequently asked questions are very informative. The maneuvering around the website is easy. Great advertising!!

Valerie H.
Transaction/Closing Coordinator
Licensed Broker in Charge: NC/SC


I just checked out the website. It looks great! It is very clean, easy to navigate and attractive. Top notch!

Katie H.
TK Design & Architecture, Inc.

JOS - Many, many thanks - you're doing a great job and we are all excited about the launch of our new site! (Randy LaJoie) You couldn't find our old site on Google but within 1 week of the new website being up we're showing up in the Top 10 of many key searches. Already getting lots of call from people saying they came to us thru the website! (J.Pelham)

AI — Our new website is beyond excellent! Thank you! (A. Carlsten)

CH&D — The new web site looks good! Definitely has a better look and feel compared to our old site. Layout is very well done & the color scheme is good. It works well and we have received calls from across the country.(A. Watkins)

CCA - consistently gets good results — website owner writes in a referral: Cole Marketing put our website and hosts our website. Our site consistently gets good results during searches. I would recommend him for any updates or troubleshooting you might have with your website. (D. Short) Also recently wrote: got some nice jobs recently from the website and it's coming up high on the search list in my recent checks using various search engines. comment from a customer – “Your website is great - looks very professional, is clear and concise and easy to get around in. Super job! (J. Kudick)

ED — we're really impressed with the new look and features - love the new website! (T. Pruitt) rave reviews from many friends and customers! The site looks great! (A. Moore) We're getting a steady flow of folks finding us on Yahoo and Google! (G. Moore)

MF — major vendor writes: Great looking web site. Plenty of information about your company. I like it! (D. Steelman - JJ Haines / Armstrong Vinyl Floors)

AM — You are so right about the difference in the old and the new. Now I feel we have a "real" web site, and I'm not embarrassed to give out our site. And, yes, you were nice, polite and professional. …We appreciate your hard work on our web site, which looks great - again, thank you for your good work. (J.Thompson)

CH — You are fast! Thank you for you quick response on all these changes. You have done a lot of nice touches to this website. Thank you for your attention to these items. (L. Brenner) I am using your graphics work (logo/color scheme) for new letterhead/business cards, etc. I hope you find that flattering…it’s meant to be. (W. Rosebough) 

OBCC — Brian, I am so appreciative of your efforts. Thanks for all your hard work. When I think of allllllllllll the things we have to think about & are making this part of our process so much easier...WOW (J. Norris) Brian - WOW! I'm impressed that someone actually contacted me on a Saturday morning! (customer having trouble ordering online)

I wrote to the client: Check it out - searched Yahoo! for old biker clothing
( #1 out of 155,000),old biker t-shirts, old biker jackets, old biker tee shirts, etc. - ALL coming up in the TOP 10 – my client wrote back “Way to go Brian!!!!!!! Awesome news. Man, you said 6 months and we’re only at the 4 month window. WOW. Way to go” (J. Norris) <MAR 2007 editor note: #1 out of 2.3 MILLION for biker clothing>

CPB — Thanks for all your efforts...this a big deal for me and you are doing a great job!!! Note: 9 days after website launched = First order just received today!!! yeah!! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the look and the timeliness of your work. Site is already #3 out of 2.8 million on Google! (J. Chilton)

HC — The site redesign is coming along nicely. Thanks for your help! (Brad Hunt) Thanks again for all your effort and work on this project. (E. Schulz)

CCAH — Thanks ahead of time for moving everything forward so fast!! …hey brian, the changes look great that have been made since we last talked! …thanks for doing a great job (Rhonda)

IH&H — THANK YOU for the great job. Feel free to use us anytime for a reference on your company and the great job you have done on our website overhaul (G. Boyce)

GT -- you have helped pen this site tremendously — owner writes before: I really do not have any preconceived idea of what I want (for the redesign) writes during: The site is looking good. - I think this looks terrific. - This sounds really good. – Awesome! - Your opinion is ALWAYS welcome. I realize that you have helped pen this site tremendously -- writes after: My husband is very impressed. Thanks so much for all your help - I am excited! (D. Walker)

CFP = Feel free to modify things as I will be relying on your expertise — (before the start) Attached to this e-mail is a word document with my ideas for the website. Feel free to modify things as I will be relying on your expertise to design our website. (after completion) the website looks great! I really like how everything is interconnected….I'm very pleased with the website and we continue to get business opportunities from our site. (C. Jackson)

KC — This looks great. Thank you for making the changes so quickly! I was showing Dave the coolness of your work this morning. The landing page looks great, by the way!! You're made it happen! That's so cool. I LOVE the Come On In feature. WAY FUN!! …You are awesome! Thank you for being patient. (R. Laney)

SIP = I am depending on your experience — Attached is the verbiage for the site. Please fell free to edit and rewrite as needed. I am depending on your experience to make the site as effective as possible. A Few Weeks After Launch: Several people who have called me tell me they have found me on the internet. I am getting more calls as a result of the site. It's working! (R. Butler)

APT = Fabulous! — (R.Blackwell) Just in case any of you would like to check it out, our redesigned website is now live Fabulous!!!(T. Kidd) MUCH BETTER! (C. Blackwell)

AS&E — Brian, the site looks GREAT! I love what you have done. I am so excited about the web site!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work. (A. Dangerfield)

CPT —Site looks great - Thanks for your patience and help with this! We think you are doing a great job! Thanks for all your help and effort. (P. Melton)

FSC — I have gotten many good comments on the web site. It is great to have it out there. …Everyone is very excited about the new site. Thanks again….Thanks for your work on the web site. Weldon (my father) and I reviewed it in depth yesterday and came away very impressed and enthusiastic (D. Shrum)

April 2006: I emailed the client: a quick stats check shows monthly traffic last May was 300 or so visits - last month, over 900 visits! A search at Google for fasteners charlotte nc brings your site up # 1 out of over 227,000 sites! Reply From Client: The site is definitely paying off!

FS —Thanks for the hard work. Our website looks great. (R. Garner) I really love this website (M. Garner)

THA — I looked over the work in process for my site and it looks great.  I would like you to write the copy (using the appropriate "hard sell" and/or "call to action"). Many thanks! You did a great job for me (J. Herman) + our client writes a friend: I recently had my site overhauled and we are getting some good traffic. The person that did my work is Brian Cole here in Charlotte. He is great to work with.

KC — you are clearly the right guy to be working on our new, improved website. Many, many thanks for handling this for us. … Super! Keep up the great work. (D. Michel) Brian, new site looks great! (J. Hunt – Thomas Industrial Network, Senior Manager)

Additional Maintenance: Great work. Thanks for fast turnaround on this. (D. Michel) 

And More: Our website continues to look very good and is quite user-friendly. We have had numerous compliments from our customers. Well done! Three new efforts we need your help with… (D. Michel) 

How Cole WebMarketing got the this job – the graphic design firm that created their original website wrote them and said: ”fortunately, about the same time I began phasing web development out of my product mix, I learned that Brian Cole's web development company, Cole WebMarketing, was going strong".

Brian and I have a long relationship that goes back several years. Brian is a talented and experienced web developer, and web development is his only focus. He is much more able to provide you with web development that takes advantage of the latest technologies and marketing strategies than I could ever be.

Where I was able to give a web site that merely functioned, Brian can get you to the next level where your web site can work for you as an effective marketing tool. I'm confident that working with Cole WebMarketing will prove to be pleasant and beneficial.” (E. Otto)

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